We are the Champions!

Chambions 2019
David Odunaiya, Andrej Stancak, Steve Kee, Dave James

Well done to Atticus players Andrej Stancak, Steve Kee, Dave James and David Odunaiya for winning tonight's MCA Lightning Tournament.

However they finished only 1 point ahead of Runners up Waterloo with the excellent line-up of Colin Horton, Joe Ormrod and guests players Luke Boumphrey and Steve Burge.

Thanks again to Kevin Sartain and Prescot for organising this very enjoyable end of the season evening.


Sanjoy plays in the "Sparkassen Open B" in Dortmund 2017

Sanjoy arrived at Düsseldorf Airport on Friday night. He is invited by Helmut Pauli and stays in his house near the city center. Sanjoy represents our Atticus Chess Club in the Sparkassen Open 2017.

15/07/2017, Round 1: Lehmann, Christoph -v- Banerjee, Sanjoy 1-0
16/07/2017, Round 2: Banerjee, Sanjoy -v- Lust, Nikolaus 0-1
17/07/2017, Round 3: von der Weyden,Louis -v- Banerjee, Sanjoy 1-0
18/07/2017, Round 4: Banerjee, Sanjoy Kumar -v- Sombetzki,Detlef 0-1
19/07/2017, Round 5: Biele,Johanna - Banerjee, Sanjoy 0-1
20/07/2017, Round 6: Banerjee, Sanjoy - Friedel,Roland 1-0
21/07/2017, Round 7: Goldmund,Heike - Banerjee, Sanjoy 0-1
22/07/2017, Round 8: Banerjee, Sanjoy - Leonard,Timo 1-0 (forfeit)
23/07/2017, Round 9: Banerjee,Sanjoy Kumar - Garbuz,Nicole 1-0

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