Atticus 2 moved through to the Final of the John Ripley Cup with a 3.5-2.5 victory over Aigburth.

Atticus were lucky to be able to call upon Giovanni Sala following the late withdrawal of David Odunaiya.

A couple of early draws saw some of the team heading to the bar to catch up on the Liverpool v Everton match!

Sanjoy seemed a bit out of sorts following his long weekend at the Blackpool Congress, in the other games Jon Woolf appeared to have a good position in the middle game against Ben and Steve Lee had the edge against Jac Thomas. Giovanni and Ian Campbell always seemed level and looked likely neither player would be able to get any advantage. With the loss on board 5 we were always going to need a win on boards 1 or 2 to go through on board count. Ben managed to turn things around in his game, so the game between Jac and Steve was crucial.Both players were castled on opposite sides with their Kings likely to be exposed. Steve looked favourite with more time on the clock however Jac managed set up a nice tactic to save the position and give us a somewhat fortunate victory.The team will now face either Liverpool or Atticus 1 in the Final.


BoardHomeAtticus JR2 Aigburth JR1Away
1 (B) 0000 (2314)
 Sala, Giovanni
½ - ½
 Campbell, Ian
1945 (1983)
2 (W) 1900 (2014)
 Thomas, Jac
1 - 0
 Lee, Steven
1936 (1914)
3 (B) 1921 (1906)
 Rothwell, James P
½ - ½
 Kane, Brendan D
1809 (1841)
4 (W) 1749 (1734)
 Burge, Steve J
½ - ½
 Eisen, David
1858 (1826)
5 (B) 1708 (1725)
 Banerjee, Sanjoy K
0 - 1
 McNamara, AM (Tony)
1818 (1801)
6 (W) 1707 (1718)
 Ellington, Ben
1 - 0
 Woolf, J
1761 (1780)
Total 8985   3½ - 2½ Total 11127
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