Apologies for the lateness of my report I have not been well.I will give the results in reverse order.

Board 10

Steve Winstanley vs Peter Jenner

Steve varied from theory early but it was not a good variation and he was left with weak d pawns. Peter managed to win both of them and in the resulting endgame he had an extra protected passed pawn. Ordinarily this would be sufficient for a win but Steve's pieces were more active and critically he had a knight which stopped Peter's rook from occupying an open file. In an attempt for activity peter pushed his passed pawn. I did not see the game from here but I can only assume that Peter lost the passed pawn as the game was agreed drawn. Good defence by Steve.

Board 9

Tom Webb vs Robert Owens

I did not see the start of this game but the resulting middlegame was carnage with Roberts king in the centre and Tom material up. Toms king was also exposed but critically Robert could not make use of it and the material balance inevitably told in Toms favour.

Board 8

Alastair bond vs Rob Greaves

I am sorry I did not see this game it was over rather quickly and Alastair won

Board 7

Mike O'Halloran vs Phil Brine

Again I did not see a lot of this game. Mike made an interesting but flawed attack but Phil had good defending options which resulted in Mikes pieces being uncoordinated. Phil went on to win.

Board 6

Jim Wiseman vs Mike Coffey

In an opening which I know Jim is familiar with both sides reached a middlegame with symmetrical structures and  a knight entrenched in the centre. This offered dangerous attacking chances for both sides. Jim had oodles of time compared to Mike but Mikes attack was dangerous. True to style rather than defend Jim went for the throat but it was unsound. Jim's effort to secure his king was belated and Mike made a deadly check with 4 seconds remaining. It would be interesting if Mike could mate with 4 seconds left on the clock but Jim was not going to give him this option by resigning.

Board 5

Phil Davies vs Steve Burge

In a classical  Dutch Steve looked to attack Phil's king but after the minor pieces came off Steve did not have the fire power to mate and his efforts on the kingside allowed Phil to pick up a few pawns, Phil offered a queen exchange which would effectively end the game if accepted and Steve declined it in a rather unfortunate way, allowing a pawn fork which would have won a rook. However Phil missed this and this resulted in Steve getting more counter-play than he should have. with both sides getting short of time both kings were exposed  in the major piece ending. Steve played an aggressive move but his own king was too exposed which led to a mating attack by Phil.

Board 4

Sanjoy Banerjee vs Giorgous Christodoulou

In a Rossloimo Sicilian play became similar to a Ruy Lopez with both white squared bishops on the kingside rather than the queenside. Sanjoy's position was more promising but he did not play a sacrifice which offered him attacking potential. It might not have been good but we were unable to find a defence for Giorgoous. In the end the position became blocked but Giorgous misplaced his rook which allowed Sanjoy to win a pawn or the exchange .Giorgous correctly in my opinion gave up the exchange. The resulting position was blocked with no open files or pawn break's. The advantage of the exchange was hardly felt. With both sides having under 2 minutes on the clock peace was agreed rather than enter the lottery of whose flag would fall first.

Board 3

Nick Martin vs Sean Kane

I did not see a lot of this game. Both sides were reluctant to make pawn move leading to an impasse in the opening and early middlegame. Nick gained the advantage of the two bishops and when I next saw the position the bishops had won material on the queen-side.The resulting ending was winning for Nick and he duly won.

Board 2

Steve Kee vs Daniel Rowlandson

In an unpretentious English Daniel was quick to swap off his light squared bishop for a knight. In itself this would not have been terminal but in making attacking pawn gestures on the kingside his white squares were critically weakened. It only took a line up of the queen and bishop to give Steve a winning attack. In my view Daniel should have played on but he rather deflatingly resigned.

Board 1

Gerard Cohen vs Roger Williamson

In a quiet opening Roger struggled uncharacterisitically to find a plan. He made  a weakening pawn move on the queenside and was tied down to defend it. He managed to win a pawn on the kingside however to make up for the pawn he lost on the queenside. The resulting endgame was still advantageous for Gerard. With Gerard having the bishop and fewer pawn islands. Gerard made a cute move with his bishop which if followed up correctly would have given him the advantage. Roger showed his class from here making another weakening pawn move to activate his knight. In my view Gerard could and should have prevented the activation of the knight but gave roger the ability to turn Gerard's bishop into a bad piece. Suddenly Roger's rook king and Knight were coordinating well and Roger had the attack. The attack proved too much for Gerard to handle and roger went on to win.

 I look forward to another round of chess. See you soon.


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