Some exciting and high quality games this week. I will do the report in reverse board order.

Board 11 Robert Owens vs Sean Frost

This game was the first to finish. When I got my first look at it Robert was a rook up but facing an initiative and a dangerous passed pawn.However a rook is a rook and once the threats were nullified Sean had nowhere to go except resignation.

In contrast to the previous game board 10

Steve Winstanley vs John Lawton was a solid affair. John equalised in a Scandinavian and the symmetrical pawn formation with no weaknesses for either side heralded the draw.

Board 9 Rob Greaves vs Jim Wiseman.

This was a Morra gambit and when black (Jim) got the extra pawn to d5 Jim was going to be favourite. Jim initiated tactics but if Rob spotted a rook sacrifice he would at least have equalised. However he did not and the tactical tide turned in Jim's favour and when the dust settled Jim had a winning end-game with 2 minor pieces and a pawn for the rook.The end was sped up by a knight fork which won further material for Jim. Rob gave up the ghost and resigned.

Board 8 Peter Jenner vs Mike O'Halloran

Mike lost a pawn early in the opening but looked to be regaining it or having compensation for it. Peter had a long think at the right time and nullified Mike's threats. When I next saw the game Peter was the exchange up which was sufficient to win the game for him.

Board 7

Sean Kane vs James Rigby

In another Morra Gambit James chose to decline the gambit in an unusual way. This led to Sean having the centre and a space advantage. Sean's advantage chrystalized with a sacrificial attack on the king. Sean regained the piece and was 3 or 4 pawns up. After this the end was not really in doubt and Sean went on to win.

Board 6

Peter Mellor vs Tom Webb

Tom did some preparation for this game and chose to take on Peter's Sokolski opening by trading the  b pawn for the e pawn. Classical theory ,if I remember it right, says the extra central pawn is worth a tempo. However Peter did not manage to prove this advantage and got his queenside development in a twist. Tom had the initiative and peters king was trapped in the centre. Although not being decisive in itself the initiative is always hard to fight and Tom managed to fork a pair of rooks which caused instant resignation.

Board 5

Daniel Rowlandson vs Sanjoy Banerjee

I did not see this game as it was played earlier on in the week. Daniel won.

Board 4

Mike Coffey vs Alastair Bond

In what looked to be theory in the Slav Mike allowed his pawn formation to be damaged for a dangerous lead in development. Mike logically secured his advantage by opening up the centre where Alastair's King was. Alastair was quite rightly concerned about his king but missed a threat to his rook and its capture forced instant resignation.

Board 3 Phil Davies vs Mike Clarke

In a Queens Gambit Declined Mike was unable to solve the perennial problem of the queens bishop. It remained a problem well into the middlegame. Phil was able to convert his queenside pressure into a material advantage. I did not see how but he switched wings when Mike was tied down to the queenside and launched a kingside attack. The final position saw Mike facing mate or loss of material.

Board 2

Tomas Lancoric vs Gerald Cohen

Due to a death in the family Tomas did not turn up and has withdrawn form the tournament. Our thoughts go with him.

Board 1

Roger Williamson vs Steve Kee

As expected this was a Dutch. .Roger handled it well and soon had the advantage with Steve's queenside pieces locked out. Steve however had what looked like an initiative on the kingside. Roger neutralised this with a surprising move giving up his kingside pawns for the central pawns. This gave Roger a clear plusand Steve was on the back foot from here. Roger conjured up an attack while Steve was getting his queenside pieces sorted out and when the kings position was opened Steve was losing. As good at defence as Steve is he could nor hold this one and Roger notched up the point.

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