All ties to be played on Monday 20th June at 7.30pm

  Round 1    
1. Roger Williamson v Tom Webb
2. Jordan Lee v Steve Kee
3. Colin Horton v Alistair Bond
4. Peter Mellor v Luke Boumphrey
5. Ian Campbell v Sean Kane
6. Steve Philp v Mike Coffey
7. Nick Hawkins v Peter Jenner
8. Steve Winstanley v Brian Ewart
9. Ron Harrison v Nathan Haddy
10. Geoff Cannon v Jamie Kumar
11. Phil Ramsey v Ben Wilson
12. Keeghan McGarry v Sanjoy Banerjee
13. Ben Ellington v Jordan Dickens
14. John Pickering v Mike Lacey
  Byes in this round    
  John Williams ½  
  Ben Gannon ½  
  Joe Butterworth ½  
  Mark Wadsworth ½  
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