It was good to welcome back David Odunaiya and Charlie Kennaugh  into action. Charlie has had some notable GM scalps over the years and will be a big asset to the Club. Atticus 1 were missing James Rothwell but overall the combined team grades were fairly close. 

On Board 1 Steve Kee tried out his new opening on John Redmond however this used to be one of John's preferred openings and John seemed to play a very agressive line with big pawn pushes on the Kingside, both players had to play carefully as their Kings became exposed. At the end with only seconds remaining on the clock a draw was agreed.

On Board 2 Charlie opened up in his normal aggresive style against Andrej. Andrej seemed well prepared and a hard fough battle went to the final seconds before a draw was agreed

On Board 3  This game saw a very rare defeat for Dave James, Dave appeared to over extend his pawns in the centre and Tom was able to penetrate the position.

On Board 4 This was a close game, Jim went a pawn up and had a advantage however Luke posed many problems and with time running out Jim miscalculated and Luke took the point.

On Board 5 David continued with his normal attacking style and though the game was fairly equal Nick's clock became a factor and eventually his position deteriorated.

On Board 6 The game appeared equal until the middle game were John overlooked that Giorgos was able to win a piece. Despite John's best efforts to make threats, Giorgos held firm for the point.

On  Board 7  Dave and Derek castled on opposite sides of the board, this meant for some entertaining action as both Kings came under attack. However it was Dave who managed to breakthrough first.

The final score was an unexpected 6-1 to Atticus 2.



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