Ian Nepomniachtchi challenges Magnus Carlsen

Ian Nepomniachtchi won the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2020 and will challenge Magnus Carlsen in Dubai, 24th November till 16th December this year.
Only 14 games, time control: 2h for 40 moves + 1h for the next 20 moves + 15 minutes and 30 secondes increment from move 61 onwards.
tie-break: four games rapid chess, 20 minutes + 10 seconds increment. In case of a draw they have to play two blitz games, 5 minutes + 3 seconds increment.

Magnus Calsen became World Chess Champion 2013 after defeating Viswanathan Anand (India). He defended his title World Chess Champion against Viswanathan Anand (India) (6½ - 4½) in 2014, against Sergey Alexandrovich Karjakin (Ukraine, Russia) (6 - 6, Tie-break 3 -1) in 2016, against Fabiano Luigi Caruana (Italy, USA) (6 - 6, Tie-break 3 -0) in 2018.

Some regard Magnus Carlsen as the favourite in this match, others are not so sure. He might win the tie-break once again, but this has nothing to do with standard chess.


To all members of Atticus CC,

With the recent improvement in the outlook for playing chess, the MCA is considering a resumption of over-the-board competition in September. We would like to gauge the interest of Atticus players in playing over-the-board league chess in the coming season. Please get in touch either with your team-captain or with a member of the committee to indicate your interest in playing. Likewise if you have any concerns please let us know.

Note: The Cross Keys will be available for us to use from May 17th. The playing-area upstairs has been completely refurbished.

John Redmond

Chair, Atticus CC


With the knowledge that no over the board matches could take place this year, the MCA decided it should still have an award this season and came up with the brilliant idea of a Chess (Pools) Panel to assess the results of all the matches played. 

The MCA Chess Pools Panel used a series of Zoom Conferencing Sessions to thoroughly analyse the results of all the potential games over the whole season. The Individual Team line-ups were based on the previous seasons Squads and the panel used the sophisticated  AlphaZero Program and Stockfish 13 engine to make their final judgments.

In the end it was no surprise to see Atticus 2 come out on top once again.

The Silver Rook Trophy will be presented to the Club at the MCA AGM scheduled for late June at Aigburth Cricket Club.



Atticus 2

Atticus 1






St Helens

You are welcome to watch our games

MCA Online Tournament 2020/21, Round 11 on 29th March 2021

After 10 rounds our four Atticus teams are first, fourth, tenth and eleventh in the table. The fixtures of round 11 are:

Prescot 1 -v- Atticus 3 are fighting for being second in the table.

Prescot 2 -v- Atticus 2 Both may fight for a better ranking in the table: fingders crossed for Atticus 2

Skelmersdale -v- Atticus 1 It would be a miracle, if Skelmersdale would win this match.

Atticus 4 has a bye in this round.

To see who is playing, simply go to: MCA Online Tournament 2020/21, Round 11
All matches are starting at 7:30 p.m..
If you want to watch our games, simply click on Monday, 29th March 2021, after 7:30 p.m. on the name of a player:

Atticus 1 Atticus 2 Atticus 3 Atticus 4
John Redmond
Charlie Kennaugh
Steve Kee (captain)
David James
Luke Boumphrey
Andrej Stancak
James Rothwell
Steve Burge (captain)
Tom Webb
Jim Wiseman
John Williams
Dave Stuttard
Ben Ellington
Martin Blasczyk (captain)
John Lawton
Tom Bimpson
Sanjoy Banerjee (captain)
Derek Rooney
Mark Wadsworth
Lee Webster
Chris Wentworth

See you there on Monday!


The ECF Yearbook 2021 is now available for download for free. The printed version will be soon available too.


Getting in the mood for the 4NCL match tonight!



Hello all.

I used to be a member of Atticus chess club, from 2007, to 2010. During this time Atticus members, played a huge part in my chess development, and now I would like to help develop some of you, with online chess lessons.

If you are enthusiastic about chess, and are looking to improve your rating, or perhaps know of anyone else who may be looking for a teacher?, then do get in touch.

My contact details:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 07912434358.

 All lessons will be hosted via lichess or playchess.com, and over a telephone call during the lesson.

£15 for 1 hour, or £25 for 2 hours, per session.

My Credentials:

I am consistently rated 2300+ on lichess, playchess.com and on the chess24 website.

I have achieved 189 ECF on slow and 201 ECF on Rapid, winning the Norwich open section, late 2019 before the corona virus pandemic hit.

I have already accumulated a number of regular students, who have improved their game through my lessons and have received lots of positive feedback from my teaching methods.

I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Regards Phil

The MCA Online Tournament has proved a great success with 13 Teams involved. After 5 rounds Prescot lead the way from Atticus 1 (who have a game in hand) followed by Atticus 3.

All the games can be followed live on the Lichess Website and detailed fixtures and statistics can all be found on the MCA Website.

Thanks again to Martin Blasczyk for organising the Tournament.

Xmas Chess Party- Live Music The Atticus Blooze Brothers


The British Online Championships are starting this weekend.

There are many different sections available for entry.

You can still have time to join the Tournament by Clicking on the Link below:

Caplin British Online Chess Championships – English Chess Federation

I can play

by Jim Wiseman

"I can play,"  but Andrej said
"You may prefer another instead.
My game of late has not been good
Choose someone better if you could".

"For a GM to become
Go lose a thousand games, say some.
So, Andrej, worry not" said Kee
"You know that what will be will be. "

Now Sanjoy upped and had his say,
"Poor form will pass but class will stay...
Though can I talk of Class when bred
In low-life, rough-edged Birkenhead?"

Then Lee chipped in, he thus assumed,
"Poor me it seems that I am doomed.
If class doth stay, then to my cost
The same is true when Class is lost!"

Webb rounded on Lee's tale of woe
With acid tongue he laid him low
Fired bullets with a smoking gun,
"You cannot lose what's ne'er been won!"

Pretty harsh but such is life
Webb's turns of phrase cut like a knife
But in the end, Yes you've guessed,
They're only words Tom speaks in jest

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