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Yes, they're here and there are some 'leapers-forward' in the Atticus ranks. Steve Burge is up an eye-catching 9 to 130. Then there are a number of '7-ups'. Sanjoy is up 7 to 136. Jim McCarthy is up 7 to 177. Tom Webb is up 7 to 128 and Nigel is up 7 to 127. Luke is up 6 to 176. Congratulations to one and all!

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the passing of the great enigmatic world chess champion Bobby Fischer,

Atticus 2 player John Williams is seen here visiting his Gravesite in Reykjavik in 2018. John a regular Marathon Runner was taking part in the August Iceland Marathon.

Atticus A Vs Chester A
1 Steve Kee (195) ½ - ½ John Carleton (208)
2 Luke Boumphrey (170) 1 - 0 David Robertson (187)
3 Brian Ewart (148) ½ - ½ Graham Dobson (180)
4 Sanjoy Banerjee (129) 1 - 0 David Stuttard (149)
5 Steve Burge (121) ½ - ½ Colin White (129)
Final Score: -  


2. December 2009,  MCA Division 1

Widnes 1




Atticus 2

GM Nigel Davies (B)




Andrzej Stancak (W)

Miroslav Gruca (W)




Tom Bimpson (B)

Russell James (B)




Dave Stuttard (W)

Mark Ellis (W)




Marcus Chard (B)

Nicholas Barnaby (B)




Farhad Amir-Afshari (W)

Richard Clissold (W)




Sanjoy Banerjee (B)

Phil Coughlin (B)




Steve Burge (W)

Michael Connor (W)




Martin Blasczyk (B)


Ten years ago this day, I was involved in one of the biggest upsets in Merseyside Chess history, when Atticus 2 travelled to Widnes for a match where we were significantly outgraded on every board.

Widnes were league leaders at the time and you had to go back to the 2007/2008 season to find when they had last lost a match.  Conversely our second team that season was rather a patched up affair, following the loss of a number of players.  What unfolded just goes to show that you can never take anything for granted in sport.  Whoever the opponent, and however long the odds, nothing is ever impossible!

It was the start of a successful decade for Atticus 2, under Steve Burge’s leadership, culminating in a hat-trick of title successes in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Ten years on, six of the eight players are still regular club members, and we still like to reminisce from time to time about that memorable night.

This article is taken from British Chess Magazine and written by John Saunders



David Welch (1945-2019)


I have just heard the sad news of the death of David Welch, who contributed so much to British chess as an arbiter and organiser over so many years.
David Welch at the Gibraltar Festival in 2015 (photo John Saunders)

Dave was born in Brampton (Chesterfield), Derbyshire, on 30 October 1945. After attending Chesterfield Grammar School, where he captained the chess team, he took a degree at Cambridge University before taking up a teaching job at Liverpool in 1968. Also starting teaching the same day at the same school was Peter Purland, who like Dave was to become an equally distinguished servant of British chess over the past half century. The two spent their entire teaching careers at the same school, and often worked in tandem as arbiters and organisers over the same period of time and long into their retirement from teaching.

Dave joined Liverpool Chess Club in 1968 and eventually became its president, and organiser of the Liverpool Congress. He became involved in organising and arbiting at British Championships in 1981, later taking on roles as chief arbiter of the British (later English) Chess Federation and director/manager of congress chess. He was also chief arbiter of the 4NCL for some years. He was awarded the FIDE International Arbiter title in 1977 and the FIDE International Organiser title in 2010. He received the ECF President's Award in 2007.

I first came into regular contact with Dave at the Isle of Man and Gibraltar tournaments where he also officiated as chief arbiter for some years. His vast experience of chess organisation made him a safe pair of hands, and almost the automatic go-to man when a major congress needed someone to take charge, as happened at the Monarch Assurance Isle of Man tournament when Richard Furness passed away. Dave's firmness of resolve and stentorian voice (albeit not quite matching the molto fortissimo of his Welsh colleague Peter Purland) will remain a particular memory of these events. These schoolmasterly traits gave way to a more whimsical personality, and a wicked sense of humour, when off-duty over a pint in the bar at the end of play. One small example: when musing over the experimental one-game knock-out tournament format being proposed by Stewart Reuben for the Hastings Congress in 2004/5, Dave told me, "if it works, we will call it the Hastings System. If it doesn't work, we will call it the Reuben System."

Dave died on 9 November 2019 after suffering a stroke which left him greatly debilitated some two years ago. His is a great loss to British chess. I shall miss him greatly. RIP.

(c) 2019 John Saunders



This year Sanjoy plays the Sparkassen Chess Meeting OPEN B, 9 rounds swiss system, open to players below ELO/DWZ 2000. Sanjoy rating is 1569. Number of players this year: 133    DWZ/ELO range: 1254 - 1983
Sanjoy is once again a guest of Helmut Pauli, FS 98 Dortmund Chess Club.

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